Fertility Potentials 101 Approaches to Fertility

You want to have a baby, but it’s not going according to plan.

Every month you wait, with hope, that two little lines will appear on your pregnancy test. 


But those lines haven’t appeared for you yet, and the disappointment grows as you wonder if it will ever happen. 


Maybe you’re in your first year of trying to conceive. Or maybe it’s been far longer -

full of doctors, specialists, procedures, pills and potions.

I see you. I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve felt what you feel.

I learnt so much about fertility on my own journey. 
About how taking a holistic approach toward improving your fertility can increase your chances of getting pregnant.
And I want to share this information and knowledge with you. In the hope that it may help you, in some way.


So I've put together a resource that shares 101 Ways to Increase your Fertility - A Mind, Body and Spirit Approach. 

Most of them are things your GP and other mainstream health practitioners won’t tell you.

So I guarantee you’ll find something in here you haven’t read or heard before.



  • How basking safely in the sun can boost fertility.

  • Why practising Emotional Frequency Tapping (EFT) can clear limiting beliefs about your fertility. 

  • Why you should use Feng Shui techniques to enhance the energy of fertility in your home.


If you're ready to try something new, you can download these suggestions

(and 98 more) below.

Kathryn Grace, Fertility Coach

Supporting you on your

Fertility Journey


My first session exceeded my expectations and as it was only my first I feel having further sessions will enhance not only my personal growth and outlook on life in general

~ Shannon

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