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With Fertility Potentials you never have to feel alone on your fertility journey again.

Fertility Potentials supports women navigating the complex challenges of their fertility journey and feeling disheartened, overwhelmed, and uncertain.

I guide women to connect with their own truth so they can experience healing, create clarity, and renew trust in the process of life.

Women who work with me are open to new potential for life and can find acceptance, whatever emerges.

Kathryn Grace, Infertility Coach

About Kathryn

Hi, I’m Kathryn and it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t become a mother.

I desperately wanted a baby. I would have done just about anything to have one. I struggled to conceive for eight long years, so I know first-hand what a rollercoaster ride it is. I tried to ‘think positive’ and put on a brave face, but I was completely miserable.

I thought it was all my fault. I felt so alone. 

My quest to have a baby consumed me and trying to conceive took over my life. It impacted my relationship and career, eroded my confidence, and sapped away my joy.

I felt that way for a long time. I didn’t know how to deal with what was happening or all the avalanche of emotions that came with infertility. 


And I underestimated the impact that struggling to conceive had on me – and on the people around me. If I had the time again I would do things differently, and that’s part of the reason why I started Fertility Potentials. When I went looking for support, I struggled to find assistance from people who understood and who were focused on me rather than the outcome of having a baby. That made me feel invisible, and I don’t want that for any other woman, ever.

Coming out the other side, I’m grateful for what I learnt, because through it all, I found peace and acceptance, despite not having children. That was life-changing for me. Now I feel stronger, wiser, and excited about the possibilities of life.

My own experience has been my motivation to work with other women on their fertility journey. I want all women struggling to conceive to feel heard and understood. I want you to connect with your truth and wisdom and feel empowered to make choices that are right for you. I want you to feel whole and complete, and to find peace and acceptance, whatever emerges.

What makes me happiest is the transformations that I see happen every day with coaching. It brings me joy to support you, uplift you, and help you gain new perspectives and insights. I hope to be a light when you need me.

Let’s connect,

Kathryn ❤️❤️❤️

Read more about my story here 


For as long as I remember, I’ve had a passion for healing and personal growth and development- for myself and others.  I studied psychology at university and have continued to learn about human behaviour ever since.

After my fertility journey I trained as a Life Coach. I have a particular passion for supporting women who are unable to have a baby, so they can find peace and acceptance.

My fertility experience took me on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey. I discovered the power of many different healing modalities, the life-changing power of mindfulness and mediation, and the transformation that comes when we open to a spiritual experience.

I aim to live life fully and it’s an exciting and ongoing process.


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Life Coaching
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Practitioner of Emotion Code
Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator
Diploma in Career Guidance
National Certificate in Adult Education & Workplace Training
Reiki Level 1
Bach Flower International Education Programme Level 1 & 2
Quantum Energy Healing Training

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