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Bach Flower Remedies for Coping with the Emotional Impact of Infertility 

Bach Flower Remedies are a natural and effective way to support you to cope with the stress of infertility and the emotional impact that comes with it.

A Bach Flower Remedy is a wonderful resource to support you and bring emotional balance and healing while trying to conceive.​​​​​

A personalized bespoke Bach Flower Remedy is a simple way to support you to feel better when you’re struggling with infertility.  

They are safe to use and there are no side effects. You can take them alongside any fertility treatments or medication you may be taking and if you happen to become pregnant. They work particularly well when paired with Fertility Coaching.

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Bach Flower Remedies for Infertility Emotional Support

Bach Flowers are a system of plant-based healing that works at a cellular level to support us to feel better. They help heal and move through emotional wounds, unlock emotional blocks, and clear unwanted patterns. Using these gentle but powerful remedies brings balance, harmony, and wellbeing.

​There are 38 different remedies, each with its own healing quality to support you with infertility challenges. Your bespoke blend will contain a combination of remedies selected for you and your specific needs. It could be to bring support when losing hope or feeling disheartened, support with letting go of a loss, anxiety that comes with treatments, or help with making decisions that are right for you.

Your bespoke blend will contain a combination of remedies selected for you and your specific needs

"I was blown away by the amazing effect that Kathryn's Bach flower remedies have had on me- I have noticed significant changes. Kathryn was also able to delve into a deep wound for me during our session and uncover something that I haven't experienced someone getting to on that deep level. She has a very authentic genuine healing connection. Her combination of intuitive healing guidance and Flower Remedies is very powerful and I highly recommend it"


- Hannah

Bach Flowers for infertility


 Bach Flowers for Infertility FAQs

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