Most of my adult life I felt that something was missing.

I thought it was having children. I dreamt of having babies and being a mum since I was young. I just knew that having a baby would make me happy.

If it would have, I’ll never know.

What I do know, is trying to conceive made me miserable. It was the hardest, most isolating time of my life. Funny thing was, I...

According to the Stress Inventory, the higher the number of significant changes or events in your life, the higher your stress levels. These could be positive things like moving house or a holiday as well as negative events like a pet dying or a world pandemic. It’s a great way to get an idea of what you have on your “emotional plate”.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you desperately desire to be a mother, but for whatever reason are not, my heart goes out to you.

I know this day reminds you so deeply of what you do not have. It’s a day filled with reminders. A day that’s hard to escape those emotions you’d rather keep at bay. A day when the yearning is extra strong. I see you. I know your stru...


Let me tell you why 

But first, a bit about all those emotions that come with TTC... 

Infertility comes with a whole heap of emotions. My fertility journey brought everything from frustration, overwhelm, guilt, disappointment, envy, jealousy, fear, grief, a tonne of sadness, even shame.

When we’re struggling to conceive, it can feel like our emotions are ta...

Just relax they said.

You’ll make a great mother they said.

Have you tried acupuncture?        

Chinese herbs are great.

Are you charting they said?

You need to take your basal temperature.

Are you pinpointing ovulation correctly?

My workmate’s sister got pregnant after trying for 3 years. Keep trying they said.

We got pregnant first...

20 Feb 2020

You’re ready to have a baby. You’ve felt the yearning, the deep desire for some time now. 

If you’re like most people, you’ll make the decision to have a baby, and after a few tries, it will happen. It will be exciting and scary and all of the things people feel when they have a baby. But chances are if you’re reading this it hasn’t happened like that for you....

Dear Younger Self

I know how much you’re hurting right now. I know how desperately you want to have a baby, to start a family. I know the pain you’re feeling – the frustration, the confusion, the sadness and the total exhaustion. You’re wondering what’s wrong with you? Why you? You’d do anything, anything at all, just to be pregnant. Well, read on. I have so muc...

Like so many others, I found it hard to talk about my infertility. Whether it was a fear of being judged, thinking that others did not want to hear about my problems, feeling that my needs were not important or rather not valid, that it was somehow my fault, or that it was best to ignore it and just get on with things, for whatever reason, I kept my infertility...

Ever wondered about Coaching?

I want to write about the coaching experience. I know it is hard to undertake coaching. Sometimes the hardest part is just the realisation you need support (it definitely was for me). It’s both an act of kindness for yourself and an act of courage.

It starts with a decision to just want more for yourself.

When coaching begins, t...

These tips are about helping you feel OK no matter where you are at right now – baby or no baby! One thing I learnt from my own experience is that it is so important to be OK along the way or years of your life disappear.  It’s about finding more ease in the journey, trusting the process, and being able to look back and know you were true to yourself....

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