Are you thinking about fertility coaching?

Ever wondered about Coaching? I want to write about the coaching experience. I know it is hard to undertake coaching. Sometimes the hardest part is just the realisation you need support (it definitely was for me). It’s both an act of kindness for yourself and an act of courage. It starts with a decision to just want more for yourself. When coaching begins, the emotions easily flow. I usually observe that there is such a build-up, a huge back-log of emotion, waiting for a safe space so that they can be released. People are often surprised at just how much there is. It’s a relief to just get it out and release it. If you’re open to it, coaching allows you to express these emotions with

Top 10 tips for finding more ease when you’re struggling to conceive.

These tips are about helping you feel OK no matter where you are at right now – baby or no baby! One thing I learnt from my own experience is that it is so important to be OK along the way or years of your life disappear. It’s about finding more ease in the journey, trusting the process, and being able to look back and know you were true to yourself. 1. Get informed Read, research, and explore all your options for treatment. Gather information and get informed on what supports your fertility so you can give yourself the best chance of success with any treatments you undertake. Make sure you are empowered and understand what is available so you can make informed decisions. Be open-minded. Tr

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