Letter to my younger self. What you need to know about your infertility.

Dear Younger Self I know how much you’re hurting right now. I know how desperately you want to have a baby, to start a family. I know the pain you’re feeling – the frustration, the confusion, the sadness and the total exhaustion. You’re wondering what’s wrong with you? Why you? You’d do anything, anything at all, just to be pregnant. Well, read on. I have so much to tell you. Pay attention - you’ll want to hear this. There are some things you need to know. They won’t all be what you expect, maybe not even what you want to hear. And I don’t promise it will be easy either. But I do promise you it will be worth it. You need to trust me on this. You hurt. More than you ever have before. You’re

Lessons learnt on a fertility journey

Like so many others, I found it hard to talk about my infertility. Whether it was a fear of being judged, thinking that others did not want to hear about my problems, feeling that my needs were not important or rather not valid, that it was somehow my fault, or that it was best to ignore it and just get on with things, for whatever reason, I kept my infertility on the down low. I did not want to share just how much I was struggling, heck, most of the time I didn’t even acknowledge it myself. Infertility can make you feel so alone, especially as those around you celebrate pregnancies and children. You feel excluded, and on top of that, it’s isolating to experience something that those around

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