Woman finding freedom after infertility


From childlessness to empowerment, acceptance and freedom.

Are you at the end of your fertility journey
and need help to let go and move forward?

  • Has your life not worked out the way you planned?

  • Are you overwhelmed about where to start or what to do to move forward?

  • Are you tired of feeling triggered by childlessness?

  • Do you feel misunderstood, unheard, and lonely?

  • Is it hard to imagine what life looks like for you without children?

  • Do you wonder if it's possible to let go of wanting a baby?

  • Does the thought of letting go or moving on terrify you?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the thought of making a decision?

You are not alone! 

I’m here to let you know that letting go is not only possible, but it’s possible for you.

Let me guide you to a place where you feel confident and ready to move forward with your life.

Together we’ll explore what you’ve experienced, what it means to your life, and what’s next for you.


You’ll feel relieved, renewed, and excited for your Plan B.

Blue butterfly symbolising letting go of having a baby

Are you ready to find out how coaching can support you to let go? 

This package is for you if want to ...

  • be confident to move forward

  • feel hope and excitement for your future

  • know what steps to take to move forward

  • embrace your childlessness

  • have a safe space to share your experience without judgement

  • feel supported, understood and reassured

  • have clear steps, processes, and exercises to support you to let go

  • have a non-clinical, compassionate approach

  • have tools in your toolkit

  • learn techniques like mindfulness to feel calmer, less stressed, & bring clarity

  • feel happier, stronger and more empowered

Who is This Letting Go Package For?

This package is for all those who want to let go of wanting a baby and need help to do so.

It doesn’t matter if you stopped trying yesterday or years ago. You feel the pain of childlessness and need support to heal and move forward.

Maybe you’re unsure – you might be coming to the end of your fertility journey and exploring the idea of if, and when, you should let go.

Because the coaching is 1:1 it can be personalised and tailored to what you need.  It will meet you exactly where you are.

Psychologist Session

What You Can Expect 

  • Feel supported, heard and understood

  • Feel a sense of possibility and know that it’s possible for you

  • Understand the impact of your experience

  • Feel supported to honour your loss

  • Understand the healing power of acknowledging your grief and pain

  • Know how to be with your loss and grief and not be afraid of it

  • Understand what you are letting go of and what it means for you

  • To redefine yourself and what it means to be childless for you

  • Feel empowered to make the right decisions for you

  • Be ready to make a commitment to letting go

  • Feel confident and optimistic  

  • Acknowledge the gifts and learnings of your experience

This Letting Go Package Will:

  • take you through a step by step process

  • be adaptable to your individual needs and circumstances

  • uncover and clear emotional blocks or beliefs that stop you from moving forward

  • help create a positive mindset

  • help you process and heal the trauma of infertility and pregnancy loss

  • help you process and heal the grief of not having a child

  • teach you simple coping strategies

  • provide you with tools and techniques to reduce the impact of anxiety and stress

What’s Included in the Coaching Package?

  • A 30-minute clarity call to make sure this is right for you and you know what to expect

  • 12-week container of 1:1 coaching calls and on-going support

  • 6 fortnightly 1:1 coaching calls (6 ½ hours total)

  • Calls can be in person or by Zoom

  • Follow up emails with recaps, action steps and recommendations

  • Support and contact between sessions

  • Activities, exercises, resources to support you

  • Bespoke Bach Flower remedies as needed to support your healing

  • Personalized sessions tailored to you and your unique experience

  • A range of coaching techniques and tools including Mindfulness, visualisation/Hypnotherapy, and Emotion Code Healing



Payment options are available. 

Finding acceptance with childlessness

Let me guide you and show you the way so you too can find acceptance, peace and freedom.