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Allow the magic of Cacao and the power of sisterhood to come together for healing and the opportunity to connect back into your own heart.

fertility cacao


Join us in a relaxed, intentional and heart-opening Fertility Cacao Ceremony. Be in circle with other women who share a similar experience with you for some much needed healing and connection.


Cacao is known as a heart opener. Using raw, high-quality cacao (different to shop brought cacao) in ceremony with intention, allows insight and awareness towards what we desire. It can help release emotional, spiritual, and even physical blockages.


These circles are relaxed, grounding and nurturing – for your body, your emotions, and spirit.  

What you need to know

What happens at a Cacao Circle?

It's relaxed and welcoming. We'll sit together, honour the cacao spirit, and ask for our intentions to be heard. We'll then enjoy a cup of cacao and allow it to awaken our heart. There’ll be a short heart meditation and time for sharing, listening, or journaling.

About Cacao

Cacao is a delicious, ancient superfood full of nutritious goodness. It’s proven to be the most pharmacologically complex food in nature! It has mood-enhancing neurochemicals and can increase awareness and sensations and relieve stress and anxiety.

Who is this for?

This is for any woman on a fertility journey. You may be just starting out, struggling to conceive, or coming to the end of your journey. If you're currently undergoing any fertility treatment, or have experienced disappointment or loss, then you may find this ceremony especially nourishing and beneficial.  There is no need to have had cacao before. 


Saturday 20th Feb - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Tusk Yoga, Waring Taylor St, Wellington.