The fertility journey, when it doesn’t go to plan, is a struggle. It becomes an emotional roller coaster, and the disappointment time and time again begins to feel too much to handle. Because it is so relentless, it becomes exhausting to manage all the emotions we feel.   Something that should be our right as a woman, feels like it has been taken from us.

When we experience these emotions there often isn’t a safe outlet for them and they begin to impact our well being. So often we don't know what to do with them when they become too much to handle.

What happens to all those emotions? How do we deal with all the emotion that is part of the fertility journey?


This fertility journal steps you through three simple but powerful processes that will start you on the journey to feeling better. It's designed to help you connect back to yourself and to your heart. It will help you be present with your emotion – wanted and unwanted so that you can move through it. Start to feel lighter, less overwhelmed and restore hope in the potentials of life now.

So beautiful soul, are you ready to feel better?