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Do you dread being asked if you have children?

Don’t know what to say?

It pays to have some prepared answers up your sleeve.

The Do You Have Children Question

This is an uncomfortable, and hard-to-answer question when you're experiencing infertility.

People generally don’t mean anything by this question when they ask. They’re just trying to make conversation and it can be used as small talk. This is part of the reason it's difficult because, for you, it's anything but.

People don’t realise what a potentially difficult and painful question this is for someone facing infertility. Until people stop asking this question, it helps to prepare some simple ways to answer it.

What to say when asked do you have children or when are you going to have children?

You know you should be able to handle this but when you’re experiencing infertility it's hard to answer questions like these. All it does is remind you of what you don’t have and how much that hurts. 


One way to make it easier is to have some short prepared answers up your sleeve so you’re not caught off guard and left feeling uncomfortable, defensive, or upset.

This resource is designed to give you options on what to say when you're next asked if or when you will have children. You're guaranteed to find something that works for you.  

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