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To Find Clarity and Confidence to Move Forward After Infertility or Childlessness

When trying to get pregnant doesn't go to plan the grief, longing, and disappointment are relentless.

When we’re coming to the end of our fertility journey, we need a way to help process the emotions that come with this grief and a process that helps us come to a decision.

Journaling is a simple technique that brings both clarity and transformation.

Whether you've reached the end of the fertility journey and you need a way to let go of your dream to become a mother or you’re in the process of trying to decide if you should stop trying for a baby, having tools can help.


Often our mind tells us one thing but our heart says something different. We feel unsure of what the right decision is for us and how we can move forward.  These journaling questions will move you closer to a decision you can be confident in so you can move forward with grace.

How it works

The process of journaling removes judgment and self-editing so you can connect to what’s real. It helps you explore if you’re ready to let go and uncovers information that could help.

Coming to the end of your fertility journey is tough. It feels painful and confusing. We worry about making the wrong decision and we’re afraid we’ll always feel miserable. It’s easy to be stuck.


Processing what’s going on for us helps. Connecting to our emotions and thoughts can help us make sense of our experiences. It can stop our emotions from overwhelming us and clouding our thinking.

The process of journaling is an effective means of processing our emotions and bringing calm and clarity to our fertility journey. It can create a change in perspective so you can move forward with confidence.

Why it works so well

Journaling helps bypass the logical, analytical, linear thinking left brain and access the wisdom of our right brain. This is where things like beliefs, memory, and our emotions live. Opening this part of our brain brings surprising and unexpected clarity and insights.

Most of us can benefit from a more right-brain perspective at times. Journaling is a valuable way to connect to the truth and wisdom held there.

These prompts will help to:

Reduce stress and feel better - Writing about painful emotions helps to release their intensity. You feel less overwhelmed, less stressed, more able to stay in the present, and better able to cope with your experiences.

Clarify your thoughts - Journaling helps make sense of the noise in your head so you can become clear about what you feel, think, and want to do next.

Gain insights - Journaling helps you discover insights that give you clarity or a new way of seeing things.


So if you're ready to give it a try, you can download the Journaling Prompts to help with the process of childlessness below.

Get the


so you can move forward with clarity and confidence

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I’m passionate about guiding women at the end of their fertility journey to a place of clarity and confidence. I provide the support and tools to move through this experience with grace and to know it’s possible to live a happy and fulfilled life..
If you need extra support right now, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Simply send me a message or book a free 20-minute call.
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