Meditation by the Sea


A Guided Meditation

When your fertility journey doesn't go to plan the frustration, longing and disappointment is relentless, with the emotions building month after month.

It's important to release these emotions so they don't create extra stress, anxiety and heartache. You don't want to carry them into your pregnancy or beyond. This meditation is one way to help you find more ease, peace and acceptance.

Perhaps you're coming to the end of your fertility journey, and you need a way to help you let go of your dream to become a mother. While letting go of having a baby is a process, this meditation is one way that can help you move closer to a place of acceptance.
I recommend using this meditation as often as needed, and that wherever you are on your fertility journey, you combine this meditation with coaching. You don't have to do it on your own!  

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so you can move forward with confidence and grace. 

Image by Matteo Di Iorio
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