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Kathryn Grace, Fertility Potentials

Letting go of having a baby was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

I desperately wanted a baby and would have done just about anything to have one. Making the decision to let go was painful, but I’ve never looked back.

I want you to know that there are things you can do that will help you feel less alone, find clarity and move forward.

If you’re struggling with making a choice or finding acceptance, know that what you’re feeling is valid – it’s a hard place to be!

These videos share insights that helped me and observations I’ve made in my coaching sessions. They are filled with information that I would have loved when I was coming to the end of my fertility journey.

I hope they bring you understanding, hope, and some peace on your journey.

Not everyone gets to have their dream of becoming a mother but we can all find acceptance and peace with our experience.


I’m passionate about guiding women at the end of their fertility journeys to a place of freedom. I provide the support and tools to move through this experience with grace. It’s possible to live a happy and fulfilled life even after infertility.

Wishing you love and every success on your journey
Kathryn Grace xx

The Letting Go of Having  a Baby Video Series

Video 1 - Understanding Why It’s So Hard To Let Go (It’s Not All You!)

Video 2 - Knowing It’s Possible To Be Happy

Video 3 - Why It’s Important You Make The Decision Of When To Stop

Video 4-  Owning Your Story

Video 5 - What Happens When You Let Go And What To Expect

Video 6 - How To Decide When is the Right Time To Let Go

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