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Why It Might Not be Your Time To Have a Baby

Updated: Jun 23

You’re ready to have a baby. You’ve felt the yearning, the deep desire for some time now. If you’re like most people, you’ll make the decision to have a baby, and after a few tries, it will happen. It will be exciting and scary and all of the things people feel when they have a baby. But chances are if you’re reading this it hasn’t happened like that for you. It’s more like there’s a lot of trying, a lot of disappointment, a lot of frustration, a lot of anxiety, maybe anger and jealousy, and even sadness, - a whole roller coaster of emotions as you try, you hope and you wait. You wonder why this is happening. There is more than one way to look at why you haven’t had the baby you desire.

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When you ask for something, the Universe has three answers for you. The Universe says YES The Universe says NOT NOW Or the Universe says I HAVE SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU If you haven’t got what you want perhaps life is allowing you time to get ready. It could be an opportunity to tweak your health for example so that you’re in the best place to nurture and welcome in new life. Or perhaps there’s something that needs to align. Maybe it’s a change in career, a move, or some personal growth that means you become the best version of you ready for motherhood. Or it could be that you need to let go and make room for something else. What if there is something better for you? Wouldn’t you want that?

So I ask you…

What if things were happening exactly as they need to?

What if we allowed life to unfold?

What if we trusted that The Universe knows what is in our highest good?

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