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Steps and Pathway to Letting Go of Trying to Have a Baby

These steps to letting go are positive, practical things you can do to move closer to letting go of wanting a baby.

When we try for so long to have a baby and it doesn’t happen, we feel like so much is out of our control. When it comes to letting go of having a baby, even though the choice may be taken from us, we can still choose to let go with grace and to find acceptance.

When I was trying to conceive, my life became such a struggle,  because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the very thing I truly desired. My worst fear was that I wouldn't have the family I desired. 

I didn’t realise it then, but where I was in that place of struggle was the hard place to be. On the other side of letting go is a much easier place to be.

The question is how do we get there?

Are you at the end of your fertility journey and need help to let go and move forward?

While there is no road map of how to let go of your baby dream,  these steps offer you practical things that will start you on the journey.

Approach them knowing that it’s possible to find peace after infertility even when you don’t have children. Know that even when you give years of your life to trying to conceive, you can still be ok.

Letting go of wanting to have a baby is a process and takes time.  There are no rules to follow. You decide which steps you do and the order you want to do them in. Be gentle with yourself!

Wishing you love and every success on your journey
Kathryn Grace xx

Steps to Let Go – 6 pages filled with 20 Things to Help You Let Go of Trying to Have a Baby

Pathway to Letting Go – One-page pathway to Letting Go of Trying to Have a Baby

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so you can move forward with confidence and grace. 

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