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Hear what people are saying about Fertility Potentials and how Kathryn Grace has helped them on their fertility journey! 


I found Kathryn online after having a hard time finding any fertility therapist covered by my insurance. I appreciated that she has come through "on the other side" and does not call her life coaching "infertility coaching" but "fertility potentials". It speaks so much to her approach. In just one call a switch had been flipped for me. She had held out her hand for me to climb out of the ditch I had fallen in and have started walking a much happier path since. 


I had been struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness and being a failure from having not conceiving after almost 2 years. It felt like the world was crumbling when thoughts came in that I might not ever be able to get pregnant and have a child. I wanted to feel newfound hope but also an acceptance and peace in the possibility of not conceiving my own children. 


Kathryn has such wonderful insights that really helped me to see the beauty in my life and feel more embodied and capable as a woman all kinds of ways. She asks such poignant questions that helped lead me through my own process of self acceptance and honestly I feel more capable and happy as a human being and a woman than I ever had before. I am now enjoying my fertility journey and have a huge weight lifted and pressure taken off of myself. I also realized how much pressure I was putting on my husband and since have been able to let go of counterproductive approaches and thought patterns and feel more fertile and relaxed than I ever had about this process. 


I'm now actually grateful that my fertility challenges have been as they are to lead me to take this time to serve my own growth. I feel more capable of becoming a wonderful mother and understanding how to better nurture myself and my family. 


I have seen a handful of therapists throughout my life and have found my sessions with Kathryn to be more effective than any of them. She is helpful in a non-clinical way that just gives newfound peace and insights and I always feel such incredible joy after our sessions that is longer lasting than other approaches I've had. Her authentic care, questions and insights keep me thinking and growing as a person between our sessions. 


I cannot recommend her enough to help heal your heart of the pain of having a hard time to bring a child into your life and you can find happiness and peace in the process! 


Kathryn is the most lovely, authentic and caring person. She is SO in her purpose with Fertility Potentials, Her experience with infertility and her ability to relate to women who're having a similar journey is incredible. She completely understands all of the emotions that go hand in hand with a fertility journey and has such an amazing way of creating upliftment and support for the women she works with. If you're going through a fertility journey and you're considering a fertility support coaching session with Kathryn – I would highly recommend it. You'll feel the nurturing understanding, support and you'll come out with a sense of weight being lifted from your heart.


On accepting infertility

I want to emphasise how amazing you have been to help me through my journey. I feel so lucky that I found you when I needed you and I truly appreciate the way you enabled me to explore my situation without direction or solutions - just let me find my way. What happened to us was shit but I have accepted that now and am looking to forward to a fun and exciting life together. One door closes and another opens and I find myself ready for adventure!


5/5. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was very open to the experience and I had complete trust to confide and speak freely with Kathryn and it just seemed to flow.


Aside from spending so much on other supplements, foods, complimentary treatments that it makes sense to invest in your emotional wellbeing, even in discussing challenging thoughts and feelings Kathryn makes you feel at ease in doing so.  Even just to read the weekly newsletter and information, as it was such a concise but true account of how things are when on this journey.

With coaching I found a connection and trust with the gentle structure of client/professional relationship that guided me not just during the sessions but in the days and weeks between. I really appreciated the support on email in between as needed also.

I largely now understand what coaching is about and how it is different to counselling or talking with a trusted friend (which are both still effective and part of wellbeing). It’s about having someone silently there you can think of or rely on anytime, or at least the practices that are encouraged (that you have personally experienced the benefit of when in session).


I learned or it brought about a sense of my strength and individuality, and although simple – that I would have been ok if I didn’t have a child.


Although I think I had some grasp on this, I learned to feel what I feel, not just suppress feelings and call on perspective and how fortunate I am.


The effect the coaching has had after one session has been big.


A major benefit has been to not be so hard on myself that ones’ feelings and experiences are real. How I deal with them was/is/will be the best way I knew/know how at the time. I noticed I feel a lot more at ease and accepting of things.


The coaching gave me the direction and clarity I needed for now. My first session exceeded my expectations and as it was only my first I feel having further sessions will enhance not only my personal growth and outlook on life in general.


I felt comfortable, safe to express exactly how I was feeling and vulnerable without feeling judged. Support and knowledge is important to me. I felt I was truly supported in my session with Kathryn whom showed me the utmost empathy and compassion, along with great knowledge and perspective professionally and personally.


On letting go and accepting infertility

I thought I’d come to terms with not being able to have children but something happened which made me realised I hadn’t and also that I was stuck. I wanted help and support in helping to move through this. Coaching provided a safe space that I could explore how I was feeling with the support on Kathryn who understood. I was able to move on and come to a place of peace in many aspects. It has enabled me to face elements that I had previously found challenging and opened me up to other areas I hadn’t considered. I was uncertain if coaching was the right way for me and it absolutely was. Kathryn provided a space that wasn’t prescriptive and did not bring an agenda. The agenda was mine but I was supported and guided by Kathryn. I would recommend Kathryn without hesitation. And if I need to return in the future I will.


Thanks so much for your guidance and support this year. I've found our sessions so healing and liberating, even at times when they've been confronting.


I was expecting coaching to be like teaching. I thought I’d be told “we can suggest you to think this way, or do that, etc”. But coaching is more like “I ask about myself”, and Kathryn just guided me to do so. I realised that it is myself who can make me happy and positive. Kathryn helped me to find my feelings which was hiding in me. I found coaching is very therapeutic and full of discovery of myself.


My reason for coaching was that I felt stuck in our journey to try for a second child, and after 3 miscarriages and a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, I had so many emotions I didn’t know what to do with them.


You are amazing! Your manner is superb – supportive and caring, professional and strong – all at the same time. You offer light in what can be a pretty dark tunnel, and manage to help navigate to a sense of purpose. Your commitment to helping others is testament to your amazing character and strength, and I think you will help many people who are not sure where to turn next. Thank you for listening and providing the tissues!


I felt so much clearer and resilient after my coaching session. Just chatting through with someone who understands how emotionally draining the journey can be made all the difference. My session with Kathryn made me feel more motivated about life in general and my future - whatever that shapes up to be.


I'm so grateful that our paths crossed. You have helped me immensely. Thank you for your kind heart and abilities to coach in such an emotional field.  

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