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Kathryn Grace


You don’t have to do this on your own.

Want to have a baby and it hasn’t gone to plan?

Are you feeling disheartened and exhausted? Are you feeling isolated from everyone, frustrated and resentful? And are you feeling like you’re the only one?


​Infertility is tough- I know because I’ve been there.

It’s much easier to cope when you have someone on your team, just to support you. You’re not meant to do it on your own!

​Whether you’re trying to conceive, experiencing secondary infertility, baby loss, or you’re trying to let go of getting pregnant, Fertility Potentials offers support and guidance that’s compassionate, intuitive, free from judgement, and transformative.

You’ll learn tools to help you navigate through with positivity and calm, and get clear on the best way for you to move forward with grace and confidence.


Together we can get you feeling filled with hope for the future.  

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Fertility Potentials provides 1:1 coaching for women on their fertility journey
experiencing the complex emotions and challenges that come with struggling to conceive, pregnancy loss, or letting go of having a baby.

How Would it Feel to...

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety?

  • Feel understood, supported, and reassured?

  • Feel more in control of what’s happening?

  • Talk to someone who really understands what you’re going through?

  • Let go of what’s holding you back?

  • Feel confident to make decisions based on what YOU truly want? 

  • Feel good about yourself, your body and your future? 

  • Learn tools you can use to help you through the difficult times?

  • Gain a sense of peace and acceptance?

  • Have a clear plan on how to move forward with confidence and grace?

What is Fertility Coaching? 

I know too well that it’s challenging to navigate infertility while remaining calm and positive. It’s easy to lose hope when you’re struggling to conceive. That’s where Fertility Potentials can help.

With so many things outside of your control, my fertility coaching will empower you to focus on what you can, and increase your resilience. I can help you remain positive, and find hope for the future - whatever emerges.


Fertility coaching is solution focused, so as well as exploring how you feel, it explores how you want to feel and helps you get here. It’s an opportunity to uncover barriers, beliefs or blocks that stop you from reaching your goal. This can facilitate breakthroughs and transformations that change your perspective.

Fertility coaching is completely individual and different for everyone. My role is to guide you to what is right for you so you can feel confident with the choices you make.

As your Fertility Coach, I help you process what you’re going through and guide you to connect with your wisdom so you can move forward with confidence and ease.

Psychologist Session

How Does Fertility Coaching Work?

Fertility Coaching can

  • Uncover emotional blocks or beliefs that stop you from moving forward

  • Interrupt the negative thoughts looping in your mind and create a positive mindset

  • Help you process and heal the trauma of infertility and pregnancy loss

  • Help you process and heal the grief of not having a child

  • Teach you simple coping strategies

  • Provide you with tools and techniques to reduce the impact of anxiety and stress, like

   ~  Mindfulness practices

   ~  Hypnotherapy or Visualisation techniques

   ~  Emotion Code healing

   ~  Bach Flower remedies

How to Work With Me

Choose from 2 options

Trying to Conceive 

Trying to Conceive 


Trying to Let Go

How it Works

Clarity Call

We’ll schedule some time for a quick phone call, so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit to work together. You’ll understand more about the coaching process, what pathways are available to you, and if coaching is right for you.

Once you decide if coaching is for you and which option is right for your needs and goals, you’ll book sessions when most convenient for you.


We’ll have regular calls and you’ll receive support as needed between sessions. You’ll move forward with calm, confidence and grace.

Coaching & Support

Booking is easy. Click here to book a free 30-minute Clarity Call. You’ll be clear if coaching is right for you, which option will suit you most, and you’ll feel ready to move forward with confidence and grace to live fully whatever emerges for you.

What’s Included in Fertility Coaching?

  • 3 or 6 one-to-one 60-minute coaching sessions (in person or by Zoom)

  • Follow up emails with recaps, action steps and recommendations

  • Email and messenger support between sessions as needed

  • Free, bespoke Bach Flower remedy

  • Personalized sessions tailored to you and your unique experience.

  • A range of coaching techniques and tools including Mindfulness, Visualisation/Hypnotherapy, and Emotion Code Healing

3 sessions

$333 ($US) 

6 sessions



Payment options are available. 

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Are you ready to feel uplifted, empowered and positive on your fertility journey?